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Increase your speed ...

Boost your fitness ...

Courses for individuals and groups

As a swimmer, triathlete and coach I know very well that any progress in swimming means big effort. The good news is that we can do it and we will have fun. We will improve your swimming technique, increase speed and boost your fitness.

individuální kurz plavání

Courses for individuals

Course for individuals improves swimming technique and enhances fitness and physical endurance.
(appropriate for beginners as well as advanced swimmers)

1 lesson ... 700,- CZK
(1 lesson takes 1 hour)

tréninkový plán

Courses for small groups

Swimming courses for 2 or 3 swimmers registrated together. The course is focused on an improvement of swimming technique, speed, breathing etc. .

2 persons ... 800,- CZK/lesson (400,- CZK/p.)
3 persons ... 900,- CZK/lesson (300,- CZK/p.)
(1 lesson takes 1 hour)

osobní trenér plavání

Personal swimming coach

Mixture of swimming lessons and training plans for long-term preparations aiming to specific target (race, time limit etc.)

Personal records

Michal Matula - trenér plavání

Michal Matula

personal records
100m volný způsob

50m freestyle

100m znak

50m backstroke

200m volný způsob

50m butterfly